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Why should I get my Mattress recycled?

Changes in recent years to consumer behaviour has led to crisis and there is an old mattress mountain which is growing every year.

The rate of mattress disposal in the UK is running at nearly 8 million mattresses a year.

Unfortunately, most of them are still being taken to landfill. Here at Martins waste solutions, we recycle every mattress and take them to one of our 10 recycling sites.

Fly tipping is another massive problem: British councils spend in the region of £100m a year on cleaning up fly-tipped items, with mattresses among the most common, illegally dumped pieces of junk.

Changing consumer behaviour is behind this ever-growing mattress mountain. Historically, consumers would change their mattress every 8 to 10 years. But with online retailers offering more choice than ever, we have taken to changing our mattresses more often.

There are now nearly 200 companies offering a roll-down mattresses shipped to your door.

Whilst we might all be sleeping more comfortably the result is a massive environmental problem.

Here are Martins we are at the forefront of Mattress recycling solution.

What happens to a recycled Mattress?

The good news is that mattresses are made of products that can all be put back into use and fully recycled. There is no need for mattresses to end up in landfill, so anyone changing their mattress can protect the environment.

Once you have arranged your Mattress collection and we take it to one of recycling centres the process begins. By disassembling all components, the material are separated and compacted and made into large dense bales to be shipped as efficiently as possible to the end recycling point.


Springs are melted down at a metal recycling plant. The various types of metals can be used to make anything from light metal items or included in heavy machinery components. Some springs even find their way into aviation components!


The foam from mattresses is often used to make things like carpet underlay or retuned back to the raw material polyol through chemical recycling to make new polyurethane products. These include being made part of the circular economy and being part of a brand-new mattress or turned into building insulation.

Mattress Covers

These are the most difficult component to return to the circular economy due to the unfortunately obvious high levels of contamination. It is difficult to reuse these safely or legally. Ours are sent to reuse energy facilities where they are used as a sustainable alternative to fossil fuels.

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