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What are the different garden waste removal solutions?

Garden waste removal solutions

The sun is fading, the nights are getting shorter and our thoughts turn to our gardens – putting them to bed for the Winter months.

Before we can enjoy reading a book or a glass of wine, we know we need to put the work into getting the garden tidy for the damp, cold days ahead.

But, with all of tidying and maintenance, comes the resulting garden waste.

Whether you’re a reluctant gardener or a green fingered enthusiast, you have a few options for either putting your garden waste to good use or green waste disposal of the unwanted waste.

The Home Composting Option

For centuries, long before the phrase “recycling” was coined, Composting has been inexpensive and environmentally friendly way to deal with garden waste removal. At the same time as clearing your garden of rubbish, but you can turn tree, plants, and grass clippings into free fertiliser.

You can use Compost bins which are available online and from garden centres or make your own using wood and plastic sheeting.

If you have the space, you can create a compost heap in a corner of your garden. All you will need is a good balance of wet and dry woody (sticks/leaves) and green (fruit and vegetable waste) materials. To ensure it gets air just turn it over regularly with a fork or spade.

Remember though to only compost garden waste and fruit and vegetable cuttings.

Council Garden Waste Collection Service

Most councils offer households a kerbside garden waste collection service and provide garden waste bins. These usually take place fortnightly but check your local arrangements. Also, check with you what can go into garden waste collections in your area. The allowable items are usually:

  • Grass and weeds
  • Tree bark and pruned branches
  • Clippings and twigs
  • Leaves and flowers
  • Home-grown fruit or vegetables

The short coming of this service is that customers are usually limited to one or two bins and volumes are restricted to relatively small amounts, often leaving excess garden waste for disposal. This service usually stops as the weather begins to change and you may not have had time to get rid of everything you wanted.

Take it to a Recycling Centre

If you don’t have, or your garden waste won’t fit into your kerbside bin, you can take garden waste your local recycling centre.

If you live near to one, you will probably need access to a larger vehicle. Don’t forget to check if you need to prebook before going especially if using a van or a trailer. You may also need to package all the waste up yourself though which is often time-consuming and a little messy.

Hire a skip

If you know you have a large amount of garden waste to remove, consider hiring a garden skip

These are available in a range of sizes and luckily enough Martins waste solutions can organise this for you. To give you an idea on skips sizes and the volumes they can hold look at this garden waste skip size guide:

4 Yard skip approximately 45 rubbish bags.

6 Yard kip approximately 65 rubbish bags.

8 Yard skip approximately 80 rubbish bags.

12 Yard skip approximately 120rubbish bags.

You will need somewhere on your property to locate the skip for the duration of the hire, or we can arrange a permit for it to be placed on the road for a small extra charge. Get in touch to talk rubbish or book here.

Use an Incinerator or have a Bonfire

Whilst bonfires are an option for reducing garden waste such as leaves, twigs, and cuttings they usually create a large volume of smoke. Ensure that the garden waste is dry to make it easier to light and reduce the amount of smoke produced. Please check if there are any local restrictions on when you can have a fire in your garden. Aways check to see where any resulting smoke might blow and be considerate of the impact on your neighbours and others downwind.

Small garden incinerators are an alternative as being covered create more heat for burning and tend to produce less smoke.

Man and Van Garden Waste Clearance

Choosing this option from a company like Martin’s Waste Solutions is a flexible solution as, unlike a skip we will pack up the waste, load it onto the vehicle and remove it for you. You don’t need to move to one place or create a single pile. This will save you time and energy. Your back will thank us after all that gardening!

You can dispose of green waste, grass, leaves, weeds, and twigs in addition to soil, bricks, and plant pots. You can even use this service to clear out your shed, outbuilding, or garage. Get in touch or make a booking. Let’s talk rubbish.