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Should it stay or should it go? Here are our best house clearance practices from the best house clearance company.

No house clearances are the same as there are many reasons for needing to carry one out. For example, a landlord house clearance, will be very different to an estate or probate house clearance, which in turn will differ again to a house clearance because of moving home.

Whatever the reason for wanting a room or a house cleared there is one key secret to making it a success. If possible, make time to create a plan, before you call a house clearance company.

This will allow you to properly decide what needs to go and what you want to stay.  There is no point in paying to have something disposed of that might some real value, if sold on eBay or something like Facebook Marketplace.

Charities might be interested in taking some of your items although, they are becoming increasingly wary of taking items such as Sofas due to needing to comply with fire regulations.

Having made time to plan the house clearance, the next stage is to sort items so you can determine which items to keep, those you can sell, give away, leaving only the items you want to throw away.

If you are organising a house clearance on behalf of an estate for probate, don’t forget to agree everything with the trustees and beneficiaries of the estate. This includes at a later stage, any costs that are agreed for the clearance of the items you decide to dispose of through the final house clearance.

The next thing to do is to label the items using a colour scheme to identify what you are going to do with them. You can choose to have colours for friends or family members who are taking items. You could have a colour for eBay, Facebook, or charity shop.

The important thing is to ensure you have decided what Items need taking to the recycling centre and create a separate list of for those items.

If you are working with one of the very best house clearance companies, you need not do anything more. As part of the house clearance service, they will come into the house and you can simply point to what you want to go. A reputable fully licensed waste management company will provide you with a certificate proving your rubbish has been disposed properly and ethically with nearly 100% being recycled.

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